Craft is an area of work which needs continuous upgradation of skills as the designs of products keep on changing as per trend and market demands. The production processes also change, eventually requiring training inputs for the artisans.


Sahaj began its work with the traditional craft of beadwork of Dahod, and very soon realised the importance of design development and trainings to keep up the production as per the market demands. Skill Development and Skill Upgradation trainings are crucial working areas of Sahaj.


Fresh people who want to join Sahaj undergo the Skill Development training and start acquiring basic skills to work on different products. After the completion of training, they start working with Sahaj and earn based on their skills. The senior batch of artisans undergo Skill Upgradation trainings as per the requirement of new product designs, and upgrade their skills as well as income. This is a continuous process.


Some artisans start working independently as producers. We also help them grow and help them with new product designs.


We have so far trained around 3,000 artisans who are working either with Sahaj or as independent producers or have diversified to other fields of work after acquiring skills from the training and working with Sahaj.

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