With continuous dialogues with women, we feel to expand our activities beyond economic empowerment. We realised that children, which are an important part of a community, needed attention.


Formal education systems are functional and parents are aware of its importance. But their need is life skills, which are not available to them. They have the curiosity of knowing, exploring & experimenting new things. In addition, they need a platform to express themselves. “Muktangan” is one such initiative for the rural & tribal children.


Muktangan is for improving the quality of life of rural children with various activities beyond schooling. Children from different villages come to our campus and learn about physical health, mental health, intellectual health and spiritual health.


Besides, we also train their mothers on nutritious food, health and sanitation issues. 100 children from five villages of Limkheda taluka of Dahod district receive beyond-school education and life skills throughout the year.

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